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Coinage Offense

As the historians report the coinage offense appeared along with the beginning of coinage stamping. The first counterfeiters illegally stamped the coins of lesser weight. In that way they “spared” such precious metals as gold, silver or platinum.

As the epoch of paper banknotes came the new era of coinage offense broke out. It was characterized by higher amounts of illegally produced currency and larger spread. Coinage offense was typical of both domestic and foreign affairs. There are many examples in the history of the humankind when the large sums of fake money were inserted to the economics of the enemy country before starting aggressive military campaigns. Even the governors couldn’t resist the enticement to become rich by producing the coins and banknotes illegally. For example the British monarch Henry the Sixth used to stamp a whole stock of silver coins in order to enrich his treasury. But these coins were fulfilling their function of exchange for a short time. The protest of the deceived citizens was so powerful that the coinage offense initiated by the king was stopped. The unlucky king was prosecuted.

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Aroma Marketing

Today the friendly and relaxing atmosphere is essential in the points of sale. The change of the psychological climate has a great impact on the customer’s tastes and demands. Nowadays more and more buyers pay attention to the slightest details and nuances, and the process and shopping tends to be associated with leisure rather than purposeful search for a definite product. That’s why the using of the aroma technologies which can maintain the pleasant environment for the products sales and distribution may appear to be effective.

Aroma marketing is a system of measures using the scents to influence the consumer’s behavior and stimulate his buying activity. The smell in the room has an impact on a buyer’s decision to purchase this or that product boosting the sales rate. It is scientifically proven that every type of the information received by all the sense organs and have the straight and immediate impact on the final determination to get the service or the product.

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