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Christmas Celebrations in Japan

The Christian traditions may appear to be far more surprising than it may seem at the first sight. The world of Christians may appear to be as diverse as the whole world. And one of the most unusual discoveries may be the Christmas celebration traditions in Japan.

There are a few Christians in Japan, approximately 1 % of the population. The Japanese people are incredible tolerant to the followers of different religions and denominations. Christmas celebrations with decorated fur-trees, bright tinsels and sparkling garlands soon became popular in Japan. The celebrating traditions are liked by all the people but they still remain just a nominal and formal holiday. The laconism and moderation of Japanese art objects and interiors of the houses contrasts with the pompous luxury of Shinto temples. That’s why all the people in Japan like Christmas with its bright read and green decorations. By the way, red is considered to be the color of solemnity and prosperity in Eastern countries.

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