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How to Arrange and Choose Plants According to Feng Shui

The ancient Chinese teaching called feng shui is aimed to harmonize the environment where a person lives. In the area where the objects are situated to balance the flows of energy a human is believed to have better mental and physical state. If the furniture, utensils and plants are in never ending positive interaction the fate of such house dwellers will always be well disposed towards them.

There are plants in almost every house. Usually they are situated and arranged in accordance with the preferences of the house owners. But the followers of feng shui suppose that every plant has to be placed in a certain location and only in that way it will have positive effects upon the owner’s health and luck. There should be ill plants in the rooms. One should get rid of such plants immediately as they are considered to store the negative energy. To maintain the constant income of positive powers one should treat his or her plants carefully, which means to clean the leaves from dust, remove the dry yellow leaves and dull flowers and do all these actions with love ad tender attitude.

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Downshifting is a form of human behavior when an individual tries to escape rat race living moving from a city to the country. Usually people who choose this way want to escape a stressful race for materialistic values. But it turns out that to become a downshifter is not that easy as it seems to be at first sight. For the first time it seems to be pretty reasonable choice. But at the same time downshifters need to do something for living. People deciding to downshift want to change their lives for the better. They are willing to spend much more time with their families and friends, they want to enjoy life at full. Some people do not understand this type of social behavior blaming downshifters that they are lazy to work from 9 to 5. Well, actually that’s not true. Downshifters work actually but they are not interested in making profit as others. So that’s the main point of downshifting.

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