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Psychological Mechanisms of Influencing Potential Customers

On sale

Every businessman is aware of the fact that in order to sell his service or goods it isn’t enough just to announce it or lay it on the counter and wait until the clients come and buy them. It is necessary to use this or that sales technique depending on the type of goods and the potential audience. What sales techniques are the most effective ones?

There are some methods which make the potential customers take their wallets out and spend their money on the goods that were supposed to be useless half an hour ago. How do salesmen and distributing corporations make us buy their goods? The sellers of goods and services use a lot of secrets based on psychological pressure to convince the buyers that they really need the offered service or item.

Here are the most wide-spread sales techniques.

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Color Perception and Outfits

Color perception plays the important role in psychological processes of a human being. We can see a large palette of colors and each of them may influence our mod and even mental state. People have different periods in their lives when they either don’t need any bright colors or are eager to wear all the shades of the rainbow combined in one and the same outfit. From time to time you might also have noticed that you want to get wrapped in gray woolen coat or put the sky blue ballerina shoes on. These wishes may speak about various inner factors and desires of a person. Subconsciously we perceive the colors along with associating them with certain general concepts in our mind. That doesn’t man a certain color is always a sign of a certain concept and the people dressed up in gray express fear and uncertainty. On should always keep in mind that there is an enormous number of shads and gray color may look different depending upon the material texture, light and shade play, whole outfit and image of the person wearing it.

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Unpleasant Surprises of “Green” Technology

Nowadays it became a trend in the human society to think about the nature and the ways we can reduce the negative impact of the humankind on the environment. A great number of “green” projects are developed every year. However, some of these seemingly useful ideas produce not so positive effect as it may be expected.

For instance, let’s take solar batteries. They are meant to save energy and prevent natural resources from exhaustion and they cope with this task successfully. But on the other hand, their glitter disorients pilots and increases the risk of air disasters. The project of creating 170 huge solar batteries in the desert of California can cause mass mortality of birds, disorientation of pilots and even attract the BBC rockets with thermal homing system.

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Christmas Celebrations in Japan

The Christian traditions may appear to be far more surprising than it may seem at the first sight. The world of Christians may appear to be as diverse as the whole world. And one of the most unusual discoveries may be the Christmas celebration traditions in Japan.

There are a few Christians in Japan, approximately 1 % of the population. The Japanese people are incredible tolerant to the followers of different religions and denominations. Christmas celebrations with decorated fur-trees, bright tinsels and sparkling garlands soon became popular in Japan. The celebrating traditions are liked by all the people but they still remain just a nominal and formal holiday. The laconism and moderation of Japanese art objects and interiors of the houses contrasts with the pompous luxury of Shinto temples. That’s why all the people in Japan like Christmas with its bright read and green decorations. By the way, red is considered to be the color of solemnity and prosperity in Eastern countries.

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Downshifting is a form of human behavior when an individual tries to escape rat race living moving from a city to the country. Usually people who choose this way want to escape a stressful race for materialistic values. But it turns out that to become a downshifter is not that easy as it seems to be at first sight. For the first time it seems to be pretty reasonable choice. But at the same time downshifters need to do something for living. People deciding to downshift want to change their lives for the better. They are willing to spend much more time with their families and friends, they want to enjoy life at full. Some people do not understand this type of social behavior blaming downshifters that they are lazy to work from 9 to 5. Well, actually that’s not true. Downshifters work actually but they are not interested in making profit as others. So that’s the main point of downshifting.

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The Monument to the Ugly

The monument to an ugly person was established in the Italian town Piobbico by the members of the international Club dei Britti- the Club of the Ugly People. The idea of this monument appeared many years ago, when 128 women in this small town claimed that they suppose their appearance to be an obstacle for getting married. To help the desperate women the authorities founded the first marriage agency for them. This club became popular later in 1960 thankful to Telesforo Jacobelli, a man who could seem attractive to the modern women, but was suffering from the complex connected with the length of his nose. It was too short according to the Italian beauty standards.

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