Color Perception and Outfits

12 Dec

Color perception plays the important role in psychological processes of a human being. We can see a large palette of colors and each of them may influence our mod and even mental state. People have different periods in their lives when they either don’t need any bright colors or are eager to wear all the shades of the rainbow combined in one and the same outfit. From time to time you might also have noticed that you want to get wrapped in gray woolen coat or put the sky blue ballerina shoes on. These wishes may speak about various inner factors and desires of a person. Subconsciously we perceive the colors along with associating them with certain general concepts in our mind. That doesn’t man a certain color is always a sign of a certain concept and the people dressed up in gray express fear and uncertainty. On should always keep in mind that there is an enormous number of shads and gray color may look different depending upon the material texture, light and shade play, whole outfit and image of the person wearing it.

But there are still some major principles of color perception that defines that way the other people see us. Wearing some certain color me may either send a message expressing our own mood and state or balance our thoughts or soothe ourselves.

  • The people dressed up in black may create various expression. Black may express either superiority and splendor or mourning and depression. But the person dressed up in black always look detached. That’s why the gorgeous evening outfits of the celebrities and outfits of Goth subculture members are commonly black. They send different messages but the idea of detachment unites them.

  • The green color is supposed to be the color of life that’s why the people are subconsciously encouraged to communicate with the ones dressed up in that color. It is a common fact that the people choose the person in a green coat to come up ans ask the time or the way.
  • The hot ladies dressed up in scarlet may scare off the shy people. If you enjoy wearing red choose deep sophisticated shades like burgundy, brick or blood red. A girl in a brick red coat will make the other people feel warmer on a cold autumn morning. Gentle and profound crimson shade adds elegant significance to your whole look.
  • The people usually won’t come up to the one dresses in indigo or navy blue. This cold color is a sign that you are captured by your own thoughts. There is a good method to avoid an annoying talkative person who is eager to take a seat next to you and have a nice conversation with you. The only thing you need to do is too imagine that you are wearing a long dark blue gown.
  • Warm mustard and chocolate brown usually remind the people of their childhood and parental home. The shy people who don’t commonly feel like talking to strangers often choose the ones dressed up in brown if they need to ask for some information. You will also look soothing and calm wearing maroon and sand shades.
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