Unpleasant Surprises of “Green” Technology

06 Oct

Nowadays it became a trend in the human society to think about the nature and the ways we can reduce the negative impact of the humankind on the environment. A great number of “green” projects are developed every year. However, some of these seemingly useful ideas produce not so positive effect as it may be expected.

For instance, let’s take solar batteries. They are meant to save energy and prevent natural resources from exhaustion and they cope with this task successfully. But on the other hand, their glitter disorients pilots and increases the risk of air disasters. The project of creating 170 huge solar batteries in the desert of California can cause mass mortality of birds, disorientation of pilots and even attract the BBC rockets with thermal homing system.

LED lamps are considered to be the technology of future. They need 80% less energy than incandescent lamps and serve 25 times longer. LED lamps give us light without heating, so all energy is spent on lighting. However, these lamps appeared to be not so perfect after all. LED traffic lights have already caused several road accidents. The fact is that traditional lamps can melt snow on the traffic lights as they heat while producing light. LED lights are incapable to perform this action so snow remains on traffic lights preventing the drivers from seeing the lamp properly.

Energy-saving windows in your house reflect infrared and ultraviolet radiation and help you to save on air conditioner. However, such windows have slightly concave shape. So they do not only reflect the light from your house but also focus the rays on some opposite object. If the opposite object appears to be the house of your neighbors with vinyl siding (which presents popular construction material) this siding may start “melting” while being heated by these rays. Since energy-saving windows and vinyl siding appeared to be incompatible things the manufactures of these products are currently on the warpath.

We are told that it is good to keep hay and food waste in compost heaps to let them turn into humus with time. However, compost heaps is good environment for bacteria. Bacteria constantly move and this movement is the reason of heating, besides, they absorb moisture, so compost heaps turn into fuel and can take fire any moment.

Do not get me wrong, I am glad that there are more and more “green” technologies every year – it means that people are not indifferent to the problems of the environment. However, some of these technologies should be definitely better developed and finished off.

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