Bali Religion

22 Sep

One of the Bali peculiarities is the unique religious culture of the native population which is an unusual mixture of Hindu and Buddhism. If you have an opportunity to visit Bali try to watch the religious ceremonies and rituals. Bali people have soaked many customs and traditions of China, India and Malaysia. They also have their own cast system similar to the on the Indian have. Every cast has its own rights and privileges, but on the whole the system is not so strict as in India.

Religion plays an important role in social and cultural life of the Bali natives. Bali Hindu combines Buddhism, Hindu, spiritualism, black and white magic and the cult of ancestors. This form of religion has been completely formed to the end of the eleventh century. The main gods according to the Bali beliefs are Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the keeper of the world balance) and Shiva (the destroyer).

The are more than 20 000 temples on the whole island. That means each village has at least three temples. Six of there numerous temples are of the world importance.

The Bali people are very concerned about everything that is connected with death and funeral. According to the ancient beliefs cremation is aimed to provide the soul of the deceased the eternal life in heaven. Some people keep earning money for their own funeral during the whole life. Different casts have various attributes connected with religious ceremonies. For example the coffin of a Brahman should be in the shape of a bull, the warrior’s coffin should resemble a fish. The average citizens have no choice and are cremated in plain wooden coffins.

One of the main and most spectacular Bali traditions is the Holy Dance. All the major religious ceremonies are accompanied with dancing. The most popular dance is called “legong” which means “the dance of fire”. It is performed by the girls aged between 8 and 12 years old.

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