Top 3 Weirdest Social Networking Websites

01 Sep

Internet is a tiny world. Just take a closer look: here you can find cinemas, banks, and Wikipedia alone works as a local University, let alone social networking websites that can be compared with the cities inhabited with thousands of users of the World Wide Web. Today, we’re going to review some bizarre online societies. To be honest, I’ve spent a lot of time browsing the cyber space and searching for the weirdest social networking sites. There are tons of freaky ones to be found, and it was quite difficult to pick just 3 of them. Nonetheless, I’ve got this job done, so, without the further due, I wanna proudly introduce you top 3 stupidest social networking websites.

1.We all know that vampires, Chupacabras, monsters and Santa don’t exist, but I can’t say so about zombies. They DO exist, and if you are skeptical and need some proofs, type into Google search box. Yep, zombies have their own virtual asylum where they can hang out, intercommunicate (by producing inarticulate sounds huh?) and share photos and videos of their midnight walks. The author of this website even invested in iPhone app, so if you are a zombie and feel like shooting a video and sharing it with your Nosferatu friends, you would be glad to download this app onto your iPhone.

2. Everyone knows that only the toughest guys have bushy mustache, and is a place where these brutal fellows spend their free time. Yep, you got it right: this website was created especially for mustached men and their fans. To website creators’ credit, the marketing strategy was carefully planned. Thus, their banners redirect a user to online stores where they can buy T-shirts with the images of mustache printed on them. So, if the hair above your upper lip is a subject of your special pride, don’t hesitate any longer and go and register on this social networking website for really tough folks.

3.Choosing mates on dating websites is completely out of fashion. What is really cool is searching for a couple… sitting on your toilet sink! This genius concept was created by Russian web developers and is called It possesses each and every aspect of social life: communication, flirt, toilet humor and many more. They have toilet rolls instead of conventional wall, and by the way, the length of this roll is limited to 54 meters – that’s exactly how many messages you can leave there. If you are out of toilet paper and wanna change the roll, you are supposed to pay 100 virtual toilet units. And finally, you can find a lot of exciting toilet news and videos dedicated to poop culture.

So, as you can see, Facebook is not the only place where people can hang out during their lunchtime. Caring developers provided for a place for different people with different interests, from eating human brains to shooting the pictures of the contents of your toilet sink after eating a couple of burritos. Feel free to choose what suits you the most!

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2 responses to “Top 3 Weirdest Social Networking Websites

  1. Social Network Website

    September 6, 2012 at 5:20 pm

    These websites are totally different and I am little bit confused about these websites that which type of these social websites they are… any way they are different..

    • freedomofthinking

      September 24, 2012 at 7:10 am

      I know that on comparing to each other they are completely different but I personally gathered them together since I have found them to be weird and unusual ones. Thank you for stopping by and your comment!


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