Life in Seclusion – Best Monasteries in the World

25 Aug

Mad pace of modern life often does not allow us to pause and think, to review our priorities and find inner harmony. That’s why the decision to become a hermit comes to some people who feel that they have lost their way a need some time to reflect away from noisy and spoiled society. You can live as a hermit alone or visit one of the greatest monasteries in the world where people with the same spiritual values share the joy of seclusion.

Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan is one of the most famous monasteries in the world but it is not easy to approach. It is situated on the rock which is 3,120 meters high. The founder of the monastery, Padmasambhava is said to fly on this cliff on the back of a tiger that’s why the monastery has received its name. This sanctum in Himalayas surrounded with mist is a perfect place to think about the nothingness of worldly problems from this breathtaking height. If you decide to visit this place you should make your way on foot or on the mule’s back, but you will not regret passing all the difficulties of the climb in the end.

Meteora monastery in Greece stands on pillars made of the rock which explains the meaning of its name – “suspended in the air”. It presents a complex of six Eastern Orthodox monasteries. The founder of the first monastery, St. Athanasius, is believed to be carried to the top of the rock by an eagle. Simple mortals, however, have to complete a thrilling ascent before entering this sanctum.

In Popa Taungkalat Shrine in Burma you will enjoy peace and harmony among the clouds as this monastery is situated on the top of the high extinct volcano. On the base of the monastery you can see the statues of 37 Mahagiri Nats whose spirits are believed to live in this place.

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