The most beautiful bookstores

22 Aug

Today I would like to share a list of the most beautiful bookstores in the world. If you are not a book lover I’m sure that these stores are worth visiting anyway. They are just amazing and very unusual. Traveling abroad do not forget to visit some of these awesome places.

Merkx + Girod architect group changed Dominican church located in Maastricht, Holland once and forever. Nowadays the former church is a huge bookstore Selexyz. It seems like the atmosphere of mystery and quietness still dominates the place. It is just amazing.

If you are interested in history and architect I recommend you to visit neo-gothic bookstore Livraria Lello in Porto, Portugal. It was opened in the very beginning of the 1920s century. You will be definitely amazed and fascinated by its splendid interiors.

Quite often they convert abandoned palaces into bookstores as it happened in Buenos Aires, Argentina. One day 1920s movie palace became a huge and amazingly beautiful bookstore Librería El Ateneo Grand Splendid. It seems to be one the most beautiful bookstores of today.

I was surprised when I found out information on English-language bookstore located in Beijing, China. It is very romantic I’d say. It is not just a bookstore. The Bookworm serves as a library wherein you are offered to lend the books at a moderate charge. You may try local cuisine and participate in thematic discussions and round tables and even visit gigs over there. The multifunctional bookstore is definitely worth visiting.

In the capital of France you may come across cozy place made entirely out of books. Books, books , books, only books. Shakespeare & Company. By the way they own a worth visiting website that provides the full information on current events and news. Follow it!

If you are more contemporary oriented person I do recommend you to attend Livraria da Vila located in San Paulo, Brazil. The design is laconic and minimalistic. And of course plenty of books from floor to ceiling.

The biggest and of course the most beautiful outdoor bookstore is located in Ojai, California. Unfortunately there are not many bookstores of the type in the world. I like the idea of outdoor stores very much.

Visiting the center of art and fashion Milan, Italy do not forget to drop in Corso Commo Bookshop. To tell the truth it reminds me a fashionable boutique selling books mainly on design and art. You may find more information visiting their no less beautiful and complex website.

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