The Monument to the Ugly

13 Aug

The monument to an ugly person was established in the Italian town Piobbico by the members of the international Club dei Britti- the Club of the Ugly People. The idea of this monument appeared many years ago, when 128 women in this small town claimed that they suppose their appearance to be an obstacle for getting married. To help the desperate women the authorities founded the first marriage agency for them. This club became popular later in 1960 thankful to Telesforo Jacobelli, a man who could seem attractive to the modern women, but was suffering from the complex connected with the length of his nose. It was too short according to the Italian beauty standards.

Firstly a couple of friends, who were not satisfied with their appearance began to meet at Tel’s place every weekend. Gradually the number of the like-minded fellows grew up to the 25 000 of people from the various countries. The members of the club are convinced that the appearance is not the main thing in the human but the soul is the central part. They fight against the discrimination of the ugly people worldwide and try to make the other pay attention to the intentions of the people but not their faces. Club dei Brutti organizes the psychological seminars to help the ugly to forget the offends, find the job, friends and probably the one who will love them. It also raises up the charity funds.

It’s interesting to notice that though the rude word “ugly” sounds offensive the members of the club are the average people suffering from the defects in their appearance. The most desired prizes are “The No-Belle Prize” (“no bello” means “not beautiful” in Italian).

Every first Sunday of September the annual “Festival of the Ugly” takes place in Piobbico. During this holiday those who suppose themselves to be non-attractive dance, sing and participate in various competitions.

The main event in the last year was the opening of the monument to the ugly people. It depicts an unknown man with a mirror in his hands. The mirror reflects the faces of the passers-by to make them stop and think what is the real beauty. The founder of the club deceased only two weeks before the celebration. But the monument was made on the basis of the sketches of the man who changed the lives of millions of other people to the better.

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