Aroma Marketing

10 Aug

Today the friendly and relaxing atmosphere is essential in the points of sale. The change of the psychological climate has a great impact on the customer’s tastes and demands. Nowadays more and more buyers pay attention to the slightest details and nuances, and the process and shopping tends to be associated with leisure rather than purposeful search for a definite product. That’s why the using of the aroma technologies which can maintain the pleasant environment for the products sales and distribution may appear to be effective.

Aroma marketing is a system of measures using the scents to influence the consumer’s behavior and stimulate his buying activity. The smell in the room has an impact on a buyer’s decision to purchase this or that product boosting the sales rate. It is scientifically proven that every type of the information received by all the sense organs and have the straight and immediate impact on the final determination to get the service or the product.

The shop owners all over the world use the opportunity to seduce the customers with the smell. Every salesman no matter if he is working in a boulangerie, clothes boutique or a furniture shop uses the power of scents to increase the sales volume. The bakeries stimulate the sales by enriching the air with the smell of freshly baked bread to make the people buy a couple of buns of doughnuts by impulse. The boutiques selling luxurious garments smell like Chanel № 5 to create the atmosphere of splendor attracting the prosperous clients. The furniture sellers use the smell of conifers.

The underline boutiques use the delicate fresh and seductive smells which cause the delight and euphoria.

The travel agencies offering the tours to the southern warm ocean coasts pulverize the perfumes with the smell of the tropical fruit of sea in their offices to impress the potential clients especially when it’s hot outside. In this way one can reach the effect of imitation of the seaside atmosphere.

The companies which own a chain of the gas stations aromatize the petrol produced. For example, the “Total” company produces the vanilla scented petrol and “Esso” sells the raspberry scented one.

The banks create the atmosphere of prosperity and stability using the aromatized checkbooks, as the bank “Societe General Does”.

The underground in Paris was a pioneer to use the scenting of the carriages to provide the higher level of service. The passengers enjoy the floral of fruit smell while they are transported to the different parts of the city. Pulverization of the perfumes in the public transport kills two birds with one stone: it may help to hide the unpleasant smells and reduce the stress level ans tension during the peak hour.

The main factors for choosing this or that scent for the place are its square, the target audience, the peculiarity of goods or service sold and the presence of other smells.

The perfumes worked out exclusively for different companies used as a brand are protected be a copyright.

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