Transcendental Meditation and David Lynch

06 Aug

Do you like David Lynch? Do you appreciate his surreal visual style? I do. David Lynch is my favorite filmmaker of today. I watched Blue Velvet when I was 11-years-old. Actually I didn’t understand much about the storyline, some things were too strange to me. Anyway I was captivated by the movie. The cast, the music, the style are surpassing. Later I watched all his movies. And I’m among those who admire everything Lynch creates.

Not long ago I found out that David Lynch practices so called Transcendental Meditation (TM). What is there special about this form of meditation? Well, let’s try to sort out.

TM is a form of mantra meditation and it refers to the Transcendental Meditation movement. The technique of the transcendental meditation appeared for the first time in India in the 1950s. The technique of TM was developed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (born Mahesh Prasad Varma). TM is supposed to be the most practiced form of mantra meditation in the world. At the same time it is well known that there is no anything special about transcendental meditation techniques at least it has no health benefits of practicing TM. There is nothing special except relaxation. Well, that’s not bad I think.

TM practicing is very important for David Lynch. At least it seems as if it is part of his spiritual life. So everything in his life is linked to TM including film making. At the same time one should keep in mind that TM is not a religion or a religious sect. TM refers to spiritual and mental technique. In the interview given to VICE magazine Lynch explains what TM is , “It’s a mental technique – an ancient form of meditation – that unlocks the human being’s full potential. And the full potential of a human being is called enlightenment. It’s really pretty foolish not to meditate”.

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