Intuition – the Way to Yourself

28 Jul

Everybody has a powerful life guide which can help them to avoid obstacles and find the best solutions of the problems. The name of this guide is intuition, or the sixth feeling, which presents our connection with the inner world of our emotions, sub conscience and cognitive feelings. However, some of us do not know how to use the power of intuition for their benefit, the others even doubt whether they have the talent of intuition at all. The fact is, we all have a connection with our second, more perceiving self, though sometimes this connection should be strengthened by using pretty simple techniques.

First of all, you should learn how to trust yourself. Your intuition works even if you do not believe in it and you should accept the fact of its existence in order to make its voice heard. Note, that the first thought or even a hint of the thought which came to your mind is an intuitive one, as the intuition is always the first to react.

The most efficient way to develop intuitive skills is meditation. However, in our everyday life there is not always place to practice meditation techniques. There are some useful tips on how to achieve the same effect of developing intuition while not actually meditating. First, learn to be quite and still. Let the voices in your head stop talking, let the flow of your thoughts slow down and cease at all. This silence and stillness will make the voice of your intuition audible. Try also to clean your mind while performing routine tasks, like washing dishes or standing in traffic jams.

Another advice is to develop your observational techniques. When all your five senses work and note what is going on around you, it provides an excellent basis for your intuition to enter the game. Do not always try to be a leader – try the role of the obedient observer who is ready to be pulled by a sudden thought, inspiration or a gut feeling.

Intuition, like any other muscle of your body needs constant practice to be in good shape. Use method of guesses all the time. For example, play the game of green-red light which includes guessing when the color on the traffic light will turn green or red. Or, when the phone rings try to guess who is calling before looking at the screen. With time you will notice that the number of cases when you are right has considerably increased.

It is a stated fact that intuition is strongly connected with our creative abilities. So, be creative and reveal your inner world through painting, writing, dancing or performing any other activity which requires using the power of imagination.

Training your memory can also help to develop strong gut feeling. Try the exercise of remembering some past event, recreate the atmosphere to the smallest detail, use all your senses to feel that you have came back in time.

However, the observing of these recommendations will not help if you are not confident of the power of your intuition, so start with developing trust in yourself.

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