Downshifting Gets In Trend

20 Jul

The conversations about stress, acceleration of time, constant strive for perfection and carrier promotion have become quite common nowadays. However, some people prefer not to speak of these problems but solve them in the most effective way – by downshifting to another place and another life style as well. Downshifting has become a new trend in the modern society and there are some well-grounded reasons for it.

May be even the thought of moving to some far away southern country and working not only for the promotion and wellness but for food and shelter sounds impossible to you, but you’d better think of the advantages of this decision before coming up with your opinion.

First of all, think of the impact the downshifting will produce on your health. Most people living in big cities suffer from depression, heart diseases and mental disorders. Living somewhere on the shore of the ocean will make you calmer and save you from potential dangers caused by stress, sleep disorders and constant nervousness.

The issue which worries you most as I can guess is money and the way you will earn them somewhere in Dominican Republic. For this purpose you have freelance which allows you to work distantly and follow your own schedule.

Besides, downshifting does not mean that you should leave your former life forever. Some people view it as the way to restore energy, to slow down for a while and think about their priorities and the direction they will take in future. May be you will decide to return to the mad life of the real world as the calmness and piece will appear to be boring for you. It is also possible that you will get stuck in this place forever, develop new skills, like basketwork or giving diving lessons. You will never know, what is better for you until you try both variants.

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