Anarchy Associated With Animal Rights

11 Jul

It is not easy to realize the true definition of freedom. It is way harder to understand that every living creature is entitles to possess this freedom. It has been a difficult issue for a lot of philosophies to solve. Can animals and humans have equal freedom rights? A lot of people still find it ridiculous just as at that time when Maria Wallstonecraft issued the Declaration of Women Rights that outraged a lot of men with its absurdity.

How can anarchy be related to animal rights?

Peter Singer in his book called Animal Liberation states that all the living creatures are equal in their rights starting with the denial of general hierarchy. He calls the people who care about animals anarcho-vegans and claims that there is the direct connection between these notions. Anarchy is an all encompassing definition of freedom for cause it is the lack of one’s power over others and the absence of regime. Anarchy is called a hope liberation for humans as well as for animals. There are a lot of vegans and vegetarians among those who chosen freedom of world from products of murder and cruel abuse of animals. A lot of them realize that no one has the right to kill, torture and use a living creature for the purpose of making profit and satisfying petty needs.

What is the similarity in motivation for anarchists and animal defenders? There are a lot of aspects they are eager to eliminate from the society and the main subject of hate is death industry corporations and capitalistic organization of dead and alive products trade. This sphere of commerce is extremely dangerous not only to animals but to people as well. The cases of cannibalism may be still rare but human organs illegal retail is a well developing business structure.

This is another way to understand the equality of humans and animals although species difference and intellectual levels distinction may not anticipate such a thought.

However we all know that for example a retarded person with an IQ index below 34 has the same rights as a regular one.

An indispensable factor that can help the whole world realize the equality of all breathers is the ability to show sympathy and never to remain cols seeing others suffering and feeling pain. Anarchists reject any type of discrimination. They help each other and care for the world’s fate and this way it is possible for them to discern the misery and hurt of wild world creatures.

Anarchy is quite an effective configuration of world order that could allow human society to develop in a harmonic manner and this way is may provide animals a chance to establish their right to live on this planet without fear. There is no way to be completely free in this world while a lot of animals who are able to think and feel suffer from abuse in the labs, zoos, circuses and slaughter houses every day so that people can have fun and never stop eating their favorite steaks.

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